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Challenge #10

The 1313 posts last challenge sort of left us mods slightly drained, so we're putting forth a slightly tougher challenge this month. :)

Compare & Contrast

Your posts should take 2 or 3 topics and either show how they are similar or show how they are different. You can compare and contrast two characters, two shows, two films, a show and a film, two genres, two cities, two people, two scenes, a show and its spinoff, or something and its remake. Anything you think fits.

If you are thinking of making a spam comparing something you love and something you don't really like, please try to be objective and non-agressive. Priority number one for us mods is to make sure everyone enjoys the community, and mindlessly bashing something someone else loves will not make said someone very happy. So please be reasonable. Additionally, if you see something that you disagree with and may make you angry, you have the power to not look at that spam. :) If someone says something offensive to you personally, contact us first before starting a comment war.

This challenge will be two months long, because both mods are out of town for the week that May ends, and this challenge takes a bit more thought and preparation. Because we will be gone, we may be asking for a community sitter to help us with tagging, etc.

Deadline: June 30.

Have fun!


It is very, VERY important that you read the new RULES AND FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS POST We have streamlined our policies and rules and changed a few things, so please please read it, so you know what's going on.

If you have any questions about the challenge, feel free to ask!
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