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1. Follow rules specific to each challenge. These will be in the challenge post. Each challenge will be slightly different, so be sure to read the whole challenge post, the rules/faq post, and any recent mod posts before asking questions.

2. Always, always warn for spoilers and do not include spoiler-y material in your teaser image and any text outside a lj-cut. This includes anything that has already aired, any major character events, or any shocking moments in general. Things air at different times around the globe, some people wait for DVD, and others don't even watch a show until years after its end date. Same thing goes for films. Posting spoilers in the teaser is nothing more than selfish. We will delete spoiler-y posts after we leave a comment, as soon as we get to them. You can always repost your entry after the spoilers have been removed from the teaser/text.

3. Teaser graphics are encouraged, as long as they aren't too big. Excessively large teaser images stretch our layout, and other member's friends pages. Square-ish teasers should be about 400px x 400px. More rectangular shapes should be no wider than 575px and no taller than 450px. If something looks too big, you will get a mod comment asking to make it smaller. Larger teaser images make the page load slower and draw attention away from the posts of other people.

4. Each post should have the title of your picspam in the subject line. The title should not include the challenge number or challenge title or the name of this community. Titles ideally specify the fandom and include a title that best describes your picspam. If you don't want to put the fandom name in the title, be sure to put it in TEXT somewhere in your post. Don't just put the title in the teaser image because sometimes the images are no longer there by the end of the challenge when we do the wrap-up post and we have no clue what it is.

5. Always put your piscpam behind a cut.

6. Do not link to a locked post or a post that you are planning on locking within a certain time period. If we find one of these, we will ask you to unlock it and if you don't get back to us relatively soon, we will delete the post from the community and the wrap-up post. If you don't want to link to your friends-locked journal, you can always post your picspam directly to picspammy. If you are looking through older posts and you see an entry that links to a locked page, please tell us.

7. Do not disable comments for your posts at this community. Sometimes we do need to get in contact with you about a post, and it really helps us out if we could directly talk to you about it in the post.

8. Include a warning for adult content. This includes nudity, excessive violence, gore, and any other disturbing imagery. If you feel it is appropriate, set the adult content level on your post.

9. Don't hotlink, claim someone's picspam as your own, or use someone's images for graphics without their permission.

10. Be nice to everyone. Don't put negative comments about other picspams, picspam styles, fandoms or members in your post. We cannot read all the comments to all the posts. If you have a problem with harrasment in your comments, please let us know so we can deal with it. We want everyone to be comfortable and share their interests and enthusiasm for their fandoms, and nothing ruins that quite like other people mocking you.


Who are the mods?
watchpoint and track_three.

How do I contact a mod?
If you have any questions or comments, respond to a mod post or email us at

Can I post old picspams that I haven't already posted here that fit the current challenge?

Can I re-post a picspam that I made for a previous picspammy challenge that fits for the current challenge as well?
No. Once a picspam has been posted at this community, you cannot post it again.

Someone had the same idea that I had and already posted. Can I still make my picspam?
Of course! Everyone has a different point of view and picspam style.

Can I post more than once per challenge?
Yes, but no more than 15-20 times. On a popular, easy challenge no more than 5-10 times.

I recently changed my username. Do I need to tell you?
Contact a mod in a mod-post or email us so we can change your tag. Until then, continue using your previous tag.

Can I post a picspam for a previous challenge?
Unfortunately not. Once a challenge is over and the wrap-up post has been put up, no more picspams for that challenge are allowed. It's possible that we may redo a challenge so that our many new members have a change to make something for a challenge they missed.

I just made a picspam that doesn't fit the challenge. Can I still post it?
No. picspammy is a challenge community and we will only accept entries that fit the current challenge. There are many communities that you can post your picspams however, such as fandom_picspams.

How do I tag?
We've reached the limit for how many tags we can have and our system has changed. For people who have posted 10 times or more, you still have a username tag. If this applies to you, your tags should consist of this: .username, challenge##, with your username replacing "username" and the challenge number replacing "##". For everyone else, your tags should consist of the first two letters of your username and the challenge tag: li, challenge## with the first two letters of your username replacing "li" and the challenge number replacing "##".

I've never posted before. How do I get a username tag?
Only mods can add new username tags. Until you post ten or more times, you cannot get your own username tag.

I have a username tag, but it's spelled incorrectly. What should I do?
Tell us, but keep using it. We'll change it as soon as possible.

I'm interested in going through old posts and looking for spams from certain fandoms. How should I do that?
At the moment, the best way to do that is to go through the wrap-up posts and search for them there. We are in the process of adding entries to the memories based on fandom. This will take us awhile, and we'll let you know once we finish.

I would love to help out around the community in some way. What can I do?
For now, just post great picspams! We have everything covered for the time being, but it is possible that we may recruit help as the community grows.

It's great to know who the mods are, but I'd like to know more about you.
We, the mods, are sisters and roommates. We currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are pretty nerdy about a lot of fandoms. watchpoint is Megan and track_three is Caitlin. We may refer to each other in posts by our names or nicknames, though we try not to in order to avoid any confusion. We talk about picspammy (quite a lot actually), so anything you say to one of us, you say to both of us. We are aware that we are sometimes unnecessarily verbose and we apologize profusely for that. :)
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