Cate. (track_three) wrote in picspammy,

Challenge #1

Hello, everyone! We are so so excited about this community and so so happy about people taking an interest. But anyway, first challenge.

A Favorite Movie

Pick a movie. Any movie. But don't just focus on one specific scene or character (as much as you can). We were originally going to go with 'favorite movie', but I know I would have a way harder time picking my favorite movie than actually doing the picspam.

We figured we would start basic for the first challenge. We really don't require a specific format, in fact we would probably prefer diversity. You can post previous picspams if you feel it fits, and you can post as many picspams if you want. This community is going to be non-competitive, so the more the better!

You can post either here or in your journal, as long as it isn't friends-locked and please please comment in other people's posts, just to spread the love. :)

Deadline: August 31
Tags: !challenge, !mod post, :challenge01

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