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Challenge #9

After a challenge that you had to think a lot about beforehand, we now present you with a challenge that should be easier to interpret and be more superfically about the pretty. ;)

Scenes and Sequences

This month's challenge is to focus your picspam on one scene or sequence. A single scene should be easy enough to understand. A sequence could be more complicated to define in terms of this challenge. There are times when there are several scenes edited together that are completely separate but the overall combination fits into the same emotional moment. An example of this is the opening sequence/teaser from "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 1" (Battlestar Galactica). Generally, I would consider related or unrelated scenes unified by a song to be a sequence. Another tricky possibility is something that happens a lot on tv shows. One of your favorite scenes might be split up with unrelated scenes in between but could be combined to look like one scene in a picspam. Whatever you think qualifies as a scene or sequence is acceptable. (Hopefully this makes sense. Feel free to ask questions if you want.)

scene: usually a shot (or series of shots) that together comprise a single, complete and unified dramatic event, action, unit, or element of film narration, or block (segment) of storytelling within a film, much like a scene in a play; the end of a scene is often indicated by a change in time, action and/or location
sequence: a scene, or connected series of related scenes that are edited together and comprise a single, unified event, setting, or story within a film's narrative; also refers to scenes that structurally fit together in the plot; sequence usually refers to a longer segment of film than a scene; sequences are often grouped into acts (like a three-act play); a sequence shot refers to a long, normally complicated shot with complex camera movements and actions
Definitions from this site.

If you are going to do a list of favorite scenes, please make sure your list is focused. If it isn't focused, why not just post your favorite scenes separately, you know?

Remember to warn for spoilers!

EDIT: As of April 5, if your post contains spoilers outside of a cut (in title, teaser or anywhere else that appears on the main page) you will be warned to change your post or your post will be deleted. If this continues to be a problem, we will switch to moderated posting so you will have to wait for a mod to review your post before it is posted in the community.

Deadline: April 30.

Have fun!


In the subject line of your post, please please PLEASE include what you would like your spam to be called in the wrap-up post. At the top of your post, please in some way include the name of the fandom and other pertinent information, and not just in the teaser image. Sometimes they disappear and that makes it difficult when making the wrap-up posts, which are very long as you may have noticed.

As always, you can post as many picspams that fit with the challenge as you want. If someone posts a picspam of something you were planning on doing, you are more than welcome to post your picspam anyways.

If you change your username, leave a comment somewhere in any mod post so that we can change your tag.

If you already have a username tag, USE IT. We sometimes miss a post and we need username tags to do the wrap-up post. If your post doesn't have a username tag it will be missed. If you are posting for the first time, feel free to let us know somewhere and we'll double check that you have a username tag. EDIT: Please stop commenting here and asking for a username tag. It doesn't get you a tag any faster and it floods my inbox.
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