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Courier Six

Challenge #7


This challenge will focus on your favorite character. Whether your reasons are superficial or substantial is up to you. So if you want to picspam a movie or tv show, focus on one character. For the most part we should only see that character. Obviously, you can organize your picspam any way you want. Like, if you do a tv character, you could do a big block of images from random episodes or you could separate it by episode or season. Or whatever creative idea you have. You could also do a list of characters you like or a post with several characters from something as long as it was organized in a way that separated them from one another. For instance, you could do a picspam of Cylons on Battlestar Galactica as long as each Cylon had their own chunk of images.

For this challenge, please include the name of the character and what they are from somewhere that is not an image so we remember what the picspam was of if something goes wrong with the image.

As always, feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Deadline: February 15February 28.
The challenge deadline is longer than usual because at the end of January the mods, track_three and I, are moving across the country and won't be around to close the challenge.

Have fun!


A couple of other things I wanted to mention somewhere where people would read it.

1) If you change your username, leave a comment somewhere in any mod post so that we can change your tag.
2) Last challenge, a couple of entries could barely be considered picspams. Short picspams are perfectly fine but the posts I'm referring to were more like banners or small wallpapers. Picspam = lots of pictures. This is a good example of a short picspam that is still a picspam. If you don't use at least ten images, your post is not a picspam.
3) We haven't decided what to do about this issue. We find it hard to believe that 70 of you find anything useful from this tag. I know the specific tags were useful (i.e. "t. doctor who") but there were just too many tags and we have too little time to add the specific tags, especially with the year-end challenge which required so many specific tags for each post. But we would appreciate your input if you have any thoughts to add on the matter.
Tags: !challenge, !mod post, :challenge07

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