October 8th, 2009

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Challenge #13

Something Different

We've noticed that a lot of people picspam the same things again and again for each challenge so we thought it would be good to bring in a little more variety to the community. This is not the kind of challenge to mold to fit your top fandom/actor/etc.

For this challenge, you will be asked to picspam something you've never picspammed before. ETA: including picspams you have not entered to this community. If you've picspammed something before and posted it to your journal or another community, you need to choose a different subject.

It may be something new that you're starting to obsess over. It could be something old that you've recently appreciated in a new light. Something you've loved for awhile but you've never expressed your love for it. A celebrity you knew of but didn't realize how pretty they were until recently. Basically, something you're into right now that you haven't picspammed.

With the fall TV season in full swing, I realize that some of you will want to use one of the new shows for this challenge. That's fine but that's not all I want to see from this challenge. Hundreds of Glee picspams is going to get boring. So please keep your picspams focused on things you're truly in love with and keep them personalized to your unique experience and point-of-view so repeated subjects aren't boring and repetitive. Don't picspam a new show if you don't really love it.

This is NOT a childhood favorites challenge. We will have that challenge later.

At the top of your post, include a little bit about why you chose what you've chosen. Your history or shiny new fandom feelings about it. Watching an older show for the first time? Tell us what made you start watching it now. Maybe your perception of the show before you watched it. Again, it's all about personalizing and distinguishing your picspam/experience from others. Also I want to make sure people don't just picspam Gossip Girl or another popular picspam subject and pretend it fits with the challenge. You WILL get a mod comment if you don't put a blurb at the top of your post.

One thing that's not okay: say you've picspammed a show before but you've never picspammed an actress taht plays your favorite character. Not okay. If you've picspammed something a lot, stay away from related subjects. Like I said, please don't stretch the guidelines of the challenge to fit your go-to subject.

Like most picspammy challenges, this challenge doesn't have to be all about fandom. Do you really like frogs or squids? Share your enthusiasm with us. Do you love a show or movie that doesn't get much love on LJ? Tell us about it and maybe you'll gain some interest in the underappreciated.

I'd like this challenge to be more about quality than quantity. Please don't churn out picspams just because you can. Put time, effort, and thought into your picspam. Make it look as nice as you can. If you want to post multiple picspams for this challenge, please space them out over the month.

Deadline: November 30


As always, please tag your posts, put the picspam title in the subject line, keep your teaser images to a reasonable size, warn for spoilers and keep them behind lj-cuts at all times, etc etc. The community is still in moderated posting until we get the wrap-up posted.

A little bit of pimping of a community I think some of you will like: lacebirdie for fashion picspams. :)