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Challenge #28

Hey guys! Thank you to everyone that participated in Challenge 27 - Moodthemes! You can find the wrap-up sheet for that challenge here. Now for a new challenge, finally! :D Hope you enjoy and participate.

INTRO TO __________

With many on holiday right now, this is a great time for people to check out new series, films, etc. So your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to make a picspam introducing us to something you love and think everyone should know about. Keep in mind, you're trying to get people into checking something out, so don't give away all the goods/spoilers or else what is the point! You may also think of it as a "Why (subject) is awesome and why you should check it out asap." Anything goes - television, film, books, music, ships, etc.

Deadline: Aug 5th

Please include the following at the very top of your post:

It should look like this with your picspam information inserted:
replace this text with the picspam title
replace this text with spoiler warnings, adult content, etc. delete this line if it doesn't apply to your picspam

A reminder that regular rules apply. Please do not forget the following: tag your post with :CHALLENGE28 + the first two letters of your username and to include a subject in your post.

Any questions, please leave them in a comment below. Have fun!
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