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Challenge #19

The new challenge is going to go into May because it took us awhile to get this and the wrap-up posted and also because we'll be away for 10 days at the end of May and wouldn't be able to moderate an end of a challenge at that time.

Second Chance

This challenge is designed to give you a second chance to picspam three of our least popular (and most difficult) themes: casting, reasons to..., and compare and contrast. I will be linking to picspams for each challenge that I feel best reflected the challenge and our intent for the challenge.

Challenge #3: Casting "You can cast a favorite book, short-story, comic, play, fairy tale, etc. or you can recast a favorite film or television series. If you felt a movie adaptation of a book did the casting all wrong, do it again. You can focus on however many characters you want in one spam, whether it is just one character or the entire cast."
challenge favorites:
- Election 2008: The Movie by prettyquotable
- Cate Blanchett as Gauis Baltar and Number Six by track_three
- my life as a teen movie by annalouwho
- The Twelve Olympians in Greet Mythology Casting by emiv
- Good Omens by zombres

Challenge #8: Reasons To... "Whether it's reasons to watch something, reasons to go to a certain place, or reasons to love a certain person. Anything. However, the posts should be focused on JUST ONE THING. ... The posts should be aimed at people who are not familiar with the fandom. Also, please try to make posts reasonably spoiler-free." Or clearly warn for spoilers if your spam is not spoiler free. Reasons should be legitimate and well-thought-out. Superficial reasons are okay with many pictures to illustrate your reason but are best when coupled with serious reasons. For a picspam like this we like explanations of your reasons. There's no set number of reasons but we'd like you to have at least four, hopefully more.
challenge favorites:
- Five Reasons Why "Breaking Bad" is the Best Show You're (Probably) Not Watching by leucocrystal
- reasons why I'm enjoying Heroes again by letsey_x
- Reasons Why You Should be Watching The Big Bang Theory by fairandbright
- top ten reasons you should watch buffy the vampire slayer by defybrevity
- five (superficial) reasons to watch battlestar galactica by brittania
- 5 simple reasons to love Fringe by airings
- Reasons to Watch Deadwood by track_three

Challenge #10: Compare & Contrast "Your posts should take 2 or 3 topics and either show how they are similar or show how they are different. You can compare and contrast two characters, two shows, two films, a show and a film, two genres, two cities, two people, two scenes, a show and its spinoff, or something and its remake. Anything you think fits." Try to avoid comparing something you love to something you don't like. And if you really want to the extra mile, answer the "contrast" side of the prompt after you've "compared". ;)
challenge favorites:
- back in high school: a glee v. election picspam by certifieddork
- Fight Club vs. Memento by emiv
- Doctor Who - Rose/Martha/Donna in three situations by letsey_x
- nine/rose and beauty and the beast by takethewords
- Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds) and Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) by dresden_doll_01
- Vertigo vs Pushing Daisies by fade_out
- Comparing BtVS/LotS by abandonedmem
- 10 Reasons Why New!Kirk and John Crichton are Actually Pretty Similar by 65pigeons

If you are going to do multiple picspams for this challenge, please vary the prompts you use. For instance, don't only post casting picspams. If you post a picspam that fits one prompt, try another prompt if you want to post again. If people don't seem to be generally sticking to this goal there's going to be new rules that will be strictly enforced. We like variety.

Deadline: May 22.

Again, we're going to ask that you add the following information in this specific format at the top of your post. Don't center it, change the bold or italics tags, or change the font size. Just replace "insert picspam title here" with the title of your picspam. A title is exactly what shows up on the wrap-up post and should be interesting and to-the-point. Still confused? I edited all my previous posts with this template so just head over to my tag and you should understand what it should look like. THIS STEP IS REQUIRED FOR ALL POSTS.

Special Note: For this challenge, we ask that you specify which challenge prompt your picspam focuses on. For that reason, we have three different entry headers for this challenge.




It should look like this with your picspam information inserted:
insert picspam title here
insert spoiler warnings, adult content, etc. here. delete this line if it doesn't apply to your picspam


insert picspam title here
insert spoiler warnings, adult content, etc. here. delete this line if it doesn't apply to your picspam


insert picspam title here
insert spoiler warnings, adult content, etc. here. delete this line if it doesn't apply to your picspam

As always please tag your own post.
Are you eligible for a personal tag?
Rules and FAQ's

Upcoming challenge: will be announced soon. We have a couple front-runners but we need to assess our new time frame since we're extending this challenge into May. We will announce the upcoming challenge once we've decided. One of them in particular will take much more advanced planning.
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