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Challenge #16

I'm still working on the wrap-up posts - hopefully I'll finish tomorrow - but I thought I'd post the next challenge. We'll still be on moderated posting but you can start working on it sooner.


This should be an easy one to explain. Your picspam should focus on something outside of the fandom picspams we usually see here. That means no tv, movies, music, actors, actresses, models, video games, etc. If you want to picspam a historical figure you can have some limited images from fandom but the picspam should contain a majority of real images.

Please be focused and selective with your ideas. Put effort into your picspam and limit the number of times you post. On easy challenges like this, people tend to post way too much. Keep in mind that posting five times per challenge is a lot, fifteen times per challenge is insane and makes the mods cry.

Don't go nuts. Think of interesting, pretty things that would work in a picspam. Think of things that people in the community would be interested in seeing. For instance, a picspam of your room or things in your real life might be interesting for your friends list but people who don't know you are not going to be interested. That doesn't mean you can't personalize your picspams. I encourage that. Just choose something visually interesting that will make sense to strangers.

Because you will likely be using photographs owned by other people, please include image sources.

Deadline: January 31. There will be NO extensions to this challenge.

Again, we're going to ask that you add the following information in this specific format at the top of your post. Don't center it, change the bold or italics tags, or change the font size. Just replace "insert picspam title here" with the title of your picspam. A title is exactly what shows up on the wrap-up post and should be interesting and to-the-point. Still confused? I edited all my previous posts with this template so just head over to my tag and you should understand what it should look like.

It should look like this with your picspam information inserted:
insert picspam title here
insert spoiler warnings, adult content, etc. here. delete this line if it doesn't apply to your picspam

As always please tag your own post.
Rules and FAQ's
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