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Challenge #14 and Challenge #15

This month we will have two different challenges.

End of the Decade
challenge fourteen

Considering that this decade is ending, we thought it would be interesting to see what you could come up with for a decade-end challenge. You could do a list of favorite things of the decade or you could chronicle change throughout the decade in a certain medium. What you choose to do is entirely up to you as long as your subject matter didn't exist before January 1st, 2000.

You may post an entry for this challenge at ANY POINT during December.

Year-End Lists
challenge fifteen

Same as last year. You can make any kind of list. Favorite people of 2009. Favorite events. Favorite films. Favorite albums. Favorite episodes. Anything you want.

You may post an entry for this challenge starting DECEMBER 15th.

So, just to be clear, from December 1-15 you may only enter decade-end posts, but from December 15-31 you may post BOTH decade-end and year-end posts.

Deadline for both challenges: December 31

As always, please tag your posts, put the picspam title in the subject line, keep your teaser images to a reasonable size, warn for spoilers and keep them behind lj-cuts at all times, etc etc. The community is still in moderated posting until we get the wrap-up posted.

Also, we are going to start asking you to include this heading on top of each post, just to help us tag and do the wrap-up considering this month's double challenges. The text box is pretty self explanatory! :) eta: Please don't edit the code itself, i.e. text size, centering. Keep it the standard size and keep it aligned to the right. You can center or use big text later in your post, just make sure the heading is at the top of your post.

We will have the wrap-up post up sometime in the next couple of days. In the meantime, we will have moderated posting.
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