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dr. spencer reid

I made this for a challenge at another comm, and I thought it would be worth sharing here, too! I'd prefer you leave comments at my original post (click the banner above), but I'll lock it in a few days so I had to post the spam here as well.

FACT: MGG was a model before landing the part as Reid. If you think he looks like a GQ motherfucker (check the icon!), that's because he is. For serious.

1x04 Plain Sight clip -- I remember busting up the first time I ever saw this scene! Reid started out so awkward and clueless, and although he's not always up to snuff on pop culture (good boy for not knowing what Twilight is!), he's grown more relaxed and confident in himself over the seasons. His character's development has been very well-executed.

1x05 Broken Mirror clip -- I totally forgot how much Morgan used to clown Reid for being such a weird boy genius. I love him trying to backpedal here, like he wasn't constantly implying that Reid was too smart for his own good!

1x06 L.D.S.K. (transcribed scene about 7:50 into video) -- This episode focused on what a horrible shot Reid is and how he couldn'y pass his shooting qualification exam. That, of course, is what makes the "aiming for the leg" line so hilarious. Also, was there ever a guy that looked more adorable in a sweater vest than Spencer? I'm no genius, but I very much doubt there is.

3x16 Elephant's Memory clip (transcribed scene about 2:40 into video) -- Man, this episode about bullying and the horrible consequences that it can lead to was truly touching. Reid got all defensive over the unsub because he knew what it felt like to be tormented, and Matthew Gray Gubler struck all the right notes in his performance. I always love when MGG chokes up during a dramatic scene. It just packs a real emotional punch to his line delivery and tugs at my heartstrings. Then again, I'm a sap, and he looks like a scared puppy, so it doesn't take much to break my heart.

4x02 The Angel Maker clip -- Haha! Reid can seem so much like a damn robot that sometimes it's hardly to believe he's a flesh and bone human. Most us don't understand binary code and watching this scene probably won't clarify anything. It'll make you giggle with glee though, and I think that's all that really matters!

4x20 Conflicted clip -- Ooh, this is from a really exciting episode, featuring Jackson Rathbone as an unsub with split personality disorder. The most intriguing part is that his other personality is an infuriated killing machine named Amanda. It's always interesting when Reid sympathizes with an unsub because it reveals so much about his own psyche. (BTW, the Tobias Hankel incident that I refer to in the transcript is 2x14-2x15.)

4x24 Amplification clip -- What makes this episode so magical is the fact that Reid got to be exceptionally hilarious and endearingly tender in the span of a few minutes. I left out the "jello scene" at the end of the episode, but you'll see it in the clip, and it's cute as hell.
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