Rima (lovetheepacey) wrote in picspammy,

Something Different: I Love Lucy

I thought I'd picspam "I Love Lucy" because it falls under the "something you've loved for awhile but you've never expressed your love for it" category for me. I can honestly say that "I Love Lucy" is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. I started watching the reruns at a very young age and I haven't stopped since. It's one of those shows that can still make me genuinely laugh after all these years, no matter how many times I've seen the episode. I now own the complete series on DVD but I'll still put other things aside just to catch the reruns on TV. The day they take the show off the air will be a very sad one indeed. I hope they never do, at least not in my lifetime. I can always depend on this show to lift my spirits & give me a good laugh. And I have never picspammed "I Love Lucy" before so it fits this challenge perfectly.

Tags: .lovetheepacey, :challenge13
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