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We are modeled after the now closed picspammy, but we work a little differently.  Here, at the end of a challenge, members have the opportunity to vote on their favorite picspam, and a winner is chosen (to great fanfare!).

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Challenge #31

For the month of May, we're going to keep on with the Genre Specific challenge because, frankly, it's simple. Both in terms of running the challenge and creating new picspams, this is an easy one, which we could use while we try and get back to regular challenge posting. So this month, we're going to go with the incredibly broad:


This really doesn't need much of an explanation. Use your best judgement; if your picspam topic can feasibly fit under either or both of these genres, go for it. Remember, there's no limit to how many picspams you're allowed to post.

Deadline: May 31st

Include this at the top of your post:

The top of your post should look like this with your picspam information inserted:
replace this text with the picspam title
replace this text with spoiler warnings, adult content, etc. delete this line if it doesn’t apply to your picspam

Include a subject for your post.
Tag your posts with :CHALLENGE31 and the first two letters of your username.

Looking forward to seeing your picspams! Have fun!