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Tony Stonem/Sid Jenkins: Heterosexual Life Partners

Tony Stonem/Sid Jenkins: Heterosexual Life Partners

Spoilery pictures from the first 2 series


I've been wanting to do a picspam on Tony and Sid for awhile now and picspammy's tv trope challenge gave me the perfect opportunity. For those of you who aren't in the fandom and have never seen the British teen drama Skins, Tony Stonem and Sid Jenkins (both central characters in series 1 and 2) practically write the book on how to be Heterosexual Life Partners (with tons of Ho Yay, Vitriolic Best Buds and  Tear Jerker moments in the mix). They start out as best friends with a very unhealthy relationship; Sid basically worships Tony, who in turn uses and manipulates the other boy for his personal gain and amusement. As time progresses though (and some MAJOR events occur), you start to see just how much they need and love each other. They're are my favorite relationship out any in the show (besides Tony and Effy) and I hope you enjoy my little tribute to them.

As a bonus, you can find a bunch great clips about them here.  

Sid: “Is Tony in?”
[Sex noises]
Jal: “Pretty much.”
Sid: “I’ll just wait. You know. Hang out.”
Jal: “Is that all you do Sid? Hang out with Tony.”
Sid: “Pretty much.”

Sid: You fucking freak me out sometimes.
Tony: But it's never dull is it? 


Tony: I can’t believe you slapped me. It’s hilarious! Sid, you better not be crying.
Sid: I’m not crying ‘cause you punched me.
Tony: Oh, you’re crying for the kids in Africa?
Sid: You know I used to sorta look up to you, don’t you?
Tony: Of course I did. You were at home every night wanking your brains out, “Oh, someday I’ll be like Tony. Someday, I’ll be like Tony!”

 Tony: Effy's different, I sort of own her, ‘cause she's my sister. But with you... I just really wanted you there. Then you were, in the car.
Sid: Thing is, Tony, you sort of own me too. Mostly in a good way.

Sid: I was there every day trying to get him to say something. And everybody really, really fucked up and I'm just trying to... to... And nobody comes but me 'cause it's so terrible.

Tony: Ficking hell.
Sid: Fucking.

Tony: You remember when we were little and we had a fight?
Sid: Like when you told Miss Stevens I shaved the hamster.
Tony: Yeah. Like that. And we wouldn't talk to each other all day, then you'd turn up on your pink bike with the stabilisers.
Sid: It wasn't pink, it was magenta.
Tony: You'd say sorry and we'd do our special high five thing, and that was it.  Sorted.
Sid: Yeah.

 Tony: Three things, Sid. One, get rid of the hat. It makes you look retarded. Two, I always loved you the best, Sid. Three… I can’t think of a three.


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